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    Edwin The Barber

    I am a barber out of Indiana. I agree that texting specials is a big thing to keep in contact with your clients now a days since everyone has a phone. I actually got into a text marketing program which I am able now to offer. How it works, you create a keyword for yourself and have your clients text into your keyword once they do that they are now in your database. So say you have 1,000 people that texted your keyword now when you run a special it will go out to all 1,000 at one time, there is also no limit on how many people it sends to so however many people you have in your database thats how many people are going to receive the text. You are also able to set up your specials for any day and any time you want your people to receive your specials if you already know what days you want to have specials for example like holidays or shop anniversaries. There’s also a lot more you can do with the program such as mobile websites and creating QR Codes to name a few.

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    Why blackberry?

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      Alex Campbell

      Doesn’t have to be a blackberry. It can be any phone. From my experience, blackberry allows me to text more than 500 people at a time and some phones only allow 20 texts at a time.


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