Alex Campbell DVD Reviews

Alex Campbell DVD Reviews

“That fade you did was on point……and that lining was superb……I’m learning a lot from the way you break it down…..also the tips on adjusting the trimmers and masters was good too……you probably should consider opening a school……i can’t wait to get the other dvd’s ….. thanks a lot bro!!”

By Kingcutz


“I received your video on “How To Adjust Your Trimmers and Clippers”. It was VERY helpful. I loved the detail of the video and how you explained everything step by step. I tried it on my trimmers along with the video and i got it. Perfect. Thank you a lot. I’m waiting on your next set of videos. I want to buy the whole collection. Do you have an estimated time on when they will be available? Just let me know and again thank you”.

By J Neil


“I watched your DVD yesterday and i hope all your dvds have such great attention to detail. I’ve seen a few barber DVDs but none has taught me like yours have. I’m really looking forward to the others. I’ve learned a lot already. thanx.”

By Junatkins


“The DVD was good in my opinion. Good narration, good lighting as well as close ups…”

By Francisco Alba


“I received my dvd today, i adjusted my clippers and i can not believe how much they work better, keep making the dvds bro because it is really helping me in the shop.”

By Pat

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