6 Responses to “BARBER CREDIT CARDS”

  1. Dre Sanders says:

    Bro…This is THE most intellectual advice I have EVER seen on a barber website. Such a breathe of fresh air. Have suggested it to previous shop owners before. Goes in one ear and out of the other. I’mfrom Columbia, SC and the mindset of people here are lightyears behind. Keep up the good work Alex

  2. john searles says:

    hey thats was real, i been following your vids for a lil while now you that duide in the a im hearing. stay sharp man. im looking forward to maby meeting you 1 day

  3. elliott allen says:

    wooooooooooooooooooooooow that is top 5 barber info.In the past few years that is the best info ive heard period.I used 2 wonder how does payin booth rent help me in the long run now i know how to make it help me in the long run.Alex man ive been in the barber game goin on 10yrs now just turned 30 dec 2011.An was wondering how can i boost my credit up n start to get ready 2 get out of my apartment and get into a house n thingz like that.Now that i have sum info on how to boost my credit im most deff going to look into the info you gave in youre video.Well man theres really nothing else for me to say but good looking out for us barbers n keep up the good work with new info.With the ever changin and evolving barber business. One Agin Alex Thank You!!$$$….

  4. Brandie Everson says:

    This is real talk Alex and I respect and commend you greatly for giving back and spreading the knowledge. I’m in the process of getting my own shop and my credit wasn’t always the best. Being a barber, we are looked down upon often or don’t even give ourselves the credit that we deserve as business professionals. There’s so much goodness out here for everyone, we just have to play by the rules, which is benefical to US in the long run! There’s nothing like paying bills on time, being grown, mature and building that credit so we all can live a comfortable and lavish lifestyle. Why? Because we deserve it and we can! Great advice! You are the TRUTH! Thank you :)

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