Get your FREE information from Barber and Beauty Colleges and start earning your Master Barbers License Today. Learn how to become a Master Barber. To become a Master Barber, you have to earn 1500 credit hours, take and pass the State Board exam. Each state varies when it comes to the total amount of hours required to obtain a barbers license.


An individual would typically attend Barber college for 9 months (full time) to 2 years(part time) to obtain a Master Barbers license. There have been many assumptions as to what a Master Barber is. The bottom line is a Master Barber is a licensed professional Barber that knows how to cut hair and knows how to cut multiple textures of hair.


Once you obtain your barbers license, it will be time to go into the field to start looking for employment. Sometimes the Barber College where you obtained your license will help you with job placement. Once you find a stable Barbershop, you will have to work on building a solid clientele. Typically a Master Barber can get started working and make around $500.00 a week.


The more diverse your haircutting skills are, the more income potential you will have. There are a few different textures of hair such as kinky, straight, curly, thick, thin and more. The more experience that you have will also solidify your reputation as a Master Barber. Make sure that you invest in top quality haircutting tools so that you can cut all types of textures of hair. The better your haircutting tools, the better your haircuts will be and you will feel more confident as a Master Barber.


  1. Rico says:

    Is it possible to obtain my license online Alex? I am currently active duty Navy stationed in Japan. I have been cutting hair for almost 20 years with 15 years of cutting hair in the Navy.(unofficially) I want to get my license so that I can maximize my skills. PLEASE HELP!

    • ALEX CAMPBELL says:

      Yes it is possible to get a barbers license and i think it’s possible to have the military pay for it. That’s how my brother got his barbers license.

  2. Antonio Moss says:

    Yes please looking to get schooling and license.

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