1. Tyreik says:

    Hey Alex,
    I have been cutting hair for about 10 yrs but Im now looking to make it a career. Im am currently enrolled in a Barbering course to get my certification out in Barbados. My problem is the current out here is different from American current whereas their electricity operates at 50hz as opposed to 60hz in the States. My clippers are making a lot of noise and Im just about all Andis right now. Do you know of any good Clippers I can use that operate at 50hz? Ive heard of people out here who manipulate the clippers so that they dont make that noise but Id rather not tamper with the machinery.

  2. Show Kase says:

    Hey Alex, I am looking for a mentor in the barber industry. I have relocated to Georgia and a I am seeking a new level in this field. If possible can I come and visit your shop location?

  3. Eric says:

    Hey Alex,
    I’m Eric, leave in south Africa and I used Andis superliner the 3-1 with different blades to my clients but now most have bumps what do I do Alex cause it felt smooth and nice but they had bumps after

  4. Troy says:

    Hey Alex,
    I want to be a barber however I live in Maine and there aren’t any schools, they are only cosmotolgy schools not offering barbering. Any ideas?

  5. andrew says:

    Hello Alex and keep up the good/positive work.

    I want to purchase the Afro dvd tutorial but can not work out how to achieve this as their is no option. I already have the other dvd bar Afro.

    Can you advise me on what to do?

    Best regards

  6. John says:

    I just wanted to the know the difference between a taper and a fade on the afro look? Sometimes it seems like my barber fades a little too high.

  7. OS88 says:

    Hi Alex, will the video downloads work for a MacBook Pro? Just want to make sure before I download.

  8. Todd says:

    Hi Alex! Really enjoy your website! Wondering if you have a certain person in the atlanta area you deal with for your sharpening needs? I like yourself like my blades super thin and it’s hard to find a sharpening service who understands this concept. Any reccomendations would be greatly appreciated thank! Todd

  9. elizabeth says:

    hi i alex iam taking an apprentice program but iam still confused to what is the difference between a tapper,temple,tapper or a blowout alot of people keep telling me different things i want to know from you knowledge what you think.. please email me your response..

  10. Michael Beach says:

    Hey wut time you cutting today bro

  11. Michael White says:

    Hi, Alex I was seeing if you had any open appointments this weekend to where can schedule an haircut appointment with you if possible.

  12. Adrian D. says:

    Hey Mr. Campbell, when will the gold blades be available? Is the product available at any third-party vendors? If not, any other blades that you would recommend?

  13. tony ruzz says:

    alex i need some t outliners that can cut, i know it is a lot aking for you to send me some that are lined up ready to cut,ill pay for whatever you ask,.Im going back to barber school to finish what i started a cupule ago, i got some new andis t outliners and tryed my self but they are all crap. if you can help me out and do this i would really appreciate it, i know time is money so email me or post how much and you will have it, if you can find the time thanks.

  14. Jazmin says:

    Hi Alex, i been watching your tips and they are really helpful and by the way the videos that you said to walk around with the barber smock on that does work. Last Friday i was in a Clothing store and i notice this gentlemen just looking at me i didn’t know what it was and this was before i watched your video with this information but any way the smock i have say Jazmin and under it Barber, so as i got closer to the fitting room where he was sitting waiting on his wife he ask me “hey were do you cut hair at so i smile at him and told him where i work at and then gave him my business card. Do you have a dvd on tips to build your clientele. i know its harder for guys to come to a female barber. one time i had this incident with a guy, he came in to get a haircut i introduced my self to him and he reply to you the one cutting my hair i said yes sir he reply back to say i would never let a female cut my hair turned around and left but things like this is what motivates me to keep going because in the long run they going to see a nice haircut out there and they going to find out i done and going to try to come to me.

    • Great story!!! Just keep hanging in there and in time you will have a great clientele that respects your service and they will overlook the female part. Great job!!

    • Sam W. says:

      A man I’m new to this website but I’ve been cutting hair for 4 years and I had the t-outliners for around 3 years. They blade doesn’t want to cut all of a sudden. I tried adjusting the tension but its not helping. I don’t know what to do with them instead of just buying a new set man, what do you have in mind?

  15. Walter A Scott says:

    What would you recommend for a man with tinning hair to use to restore his hair growth. I’m looking for something natural.

  16. Julian says:

    Hey Alex I bought your DVD’s not to long ago and I have adjusted the Andis T-Outliners as you instructed. My problem with the Andis T-Ouliners is they leave cuts/scratches along some of my hairline. What do I do to prevent this?

  17. Cris says:

    Hey alex whats the best solution for a receding hairline?

  18. Hello Alex I would like you to do a product review for our Mens Solution line. We are s 20 year old company that specializes in black skincare, how can I get in touch with you via phone? You can reach me at 909-565-4824. Thank you and I look forward to hearing from you soon.

    Kelle Okonkwo
    Sales Manager

  19. Tim says:

    I’ve got a serious question sir. This is not the first time I’ve heard this but I have heard from an exerienced master barber and seen on-line that trimmers blades sharpen themselves due to the blades being flush together metal sharpens metal. Is this true? I sent the andis company an email I was told is was not true but I am still skeptical. Revenue plays into alot of things now a days.

  20. How would I tell a barber I want to wrk at his shop nd do other barbers care bout having alot of tattoos nd how long does it take to become a barber

  21. john searles says:


  22. Mikethabarber says:

    What Alex?I just visited your website and I was looking for the DVD on how to cut Mohawks but couldn’t find it… Can you send me a link or direct me to where I can buy it!?

  23. nick says:


    Im a Soldier getting out of the Army early next year. Im planning on going to barber school and I wanted to do a apprenticeship. Im from Marietta,Ga and I plan on moving back home. Can you tell me a good barber school and I wanted to know if your shop offers apprenticeships. I would really like to learn from the A’s best.
    thank you

  24. glenn says:

    alex i was wondering what would be the best clippers to start off with. and how many do i need and what kind of liners i need ? im ready to please my customers and make money but i want to start off right and be professionally in what i do. I will be finishing school in December.



  25. Chris says:

    What spritz spray do you use and what black hair color would you recommend.

  26. Daniel Griffin says:

    Hey Alex, a couple years ago I bought a computer. Me being a barber, one of the first things I did was google #1 barber. Obviously your website was the first thing to show. I skimmed over your sight, which by the way is awesome now, and I wrote you an email. The email I wrote you was very arrogant and disrespectful and immature. You responded to me accordingly and I realized right away that as talented as I am, I am nobody in this industry. I’ve watched your youtube videos and I’m am very active on BARBERLIFE. I have great respect for you and what you do for yourself as well as this industry. I don’t know if you remember those emails but your harsh words humbled me. I’m writing you again to thank you and tell you I am sorry. It would be an honor to meet you some day and until then I am humbly a fan.

    • ALEX CAMPBELL says:

      Thanks Daniel!!! You and your attitude is what the industry needs sir!!! I would love to meet you as well as feature you on my website!!

  27. Thomas Johnson says:

    I am interested in being a barber but I don’t know any good barber schools in Mississippi Gibson’s
    Barber and Beauty school closed down. Are there any online schools?

  28. ebonie vann says:

    Hey alex what the best dye in dyeing a men hair or the rick ross look.. and is there a number that i can talk to someone about the DvD’s so i can sharping my skill i have been a barber for 2yr now but by me looking at your website i feel like its alot i am missing out on.

    • ALEX CAMPBELL says:

      Try bigen hair dye or just for men.

      • shaun says:

        Wasup! I’m Shaun and I’m new to this site. I’ve been wavin’ for 9 months now. I have waves mainly on the left side of my head (not much though) and just a little bit on the right but you barely can see it. I’m very confused because I brush my hair twice a day, every single day and I usually spend 30 minutes for each session, I brush it more on the right side than I do on the left side but still, no results. I wash it once a week using uplifting shampoo and hair mayonnaise and I use hair fertilizer to keep my hair moist and I wear my durag every day but still, just a little bit of waves. I dont know if I’m doing something wrong or my waves is just not gonna get any better but I need to find out what’s going on. I also notice sometimes (not everytime) but sometimes after I wolf for a month and then get my hair cut, I notice that my hair looks very thin in some areas and it’s very frustrating after spending all that time wolfing and all I get is some thin and receding hair….. also, I hear everyone talk about how you should get a 1.5 or a number 2 cut, but after I wolf for a month or sometimes even 6 weeks, the barber tells me that he have to use a lower guard than a 1.5 because otherwise it would not cut hardly anything off my head. So I’m writing this email today because I really need some advice like crazy. I’ve been trying to reach my goal for too long now, so I’m willing to keep fighting for answers, thank you! really looking forward to hearing from somebody!

  29. Big Ron says:

    I bought your dvds a long while back and was reviewing them recently and my question is, do you still adjust and sharpen clippers for payment? I have some styliner 2 clippers that need to come off the bench .

  30. Tim says:

    Also I am a licensed barber as well recieved my papers in 2009 I cut in a shop for almost 2 years I was 19 when I started cutting in the shop. I recently viewed one of your videos on youtube where you informed viewers that these days barbers have to much pride. I was working a full time job and trying to build my clientele and convert. I was thrilled about the profession in the begining but after events took place such things as people where using and stealing my supplies when I wasnt there. My cuts where decent just coming out of school but the flaws that they could see in my cuts they found my short comings amusing at times. I would say to myself at times being the youngest in the establishment every else mid and late 30’s people can’t be this insecure about hair. Don’t get me wrong I learned a great deal during my experinece my cuts hace come a long way and I have become very swift. I had one particular person I was attempting to follow he was the best barber I had ever seen in my life. I put my pride to the side and spoke to him man to man. I told him I wanted to become superior in the profession just like him I wanted to know everything he knew. Everything was cool he would always say I don’t mind helping anyone but down the line things changed it went from me watching and learning to him coming out and saying you trying to steal my style. I felt as if sooner or later which me picking his brain and skill he probaly would have felt threaten by me maybe I don’t know. I no longer cut because thats something I don’t have time for I never thought something so simple could reach a level of intensity like that it’s ridiculous. Like you said everyone has to learn from someone. I don’t understang I admire you for everything you do god will truly bless you sometimes people forget what others have done for them. From your state of mind what would you advise me to do? Thank you for your time as well sir.

    • ALEX CAMPBELL says:

      That’s a problem that exists in every city in most barbershops. If you are going to let that bug you then you should stop cutting. Sounds minor to me. Once you learn something you can move on and keep growing at your own pace. Once you learn what you need, nobody can take it from you. So you take what you have learned and move on to bigger and better opportunities.

  31. Tim says:

    Sir I would like to know if there is anyway you could demonstrate the best way to hold the andis masters while cutting after a duration of time they tend to hurt my hand while cutting because of the shape and the akward position. I like the cutting quality but the seniors have a better handling quality in my opinion.

    • ALEX CAMPBELL says:

      How do you hold the Andis Masters different from the Wahl seniors? If you are holding them the same way and you feel it’s the shape that’s the problem, then i suggest stop using Andis Masters and just cut with the Wahl seniors.

  32. Jacob says:

    Alex I consider myself self taught along with watching barbers cut. I am Mexican American and have cut my Black friends hair all the time he was a little sceptical at first. My question to you is would Black men avoid me as a barber in a shop? Would it be a wall i would have to tear down coming into the industry?

    • ALEX CAMPBELL says:

      There will be a wall to tear down reguardless of race. People are funny when it comes to there hair. Just be consistent and work long hours and you will be just fine.

  33. debi says:

    i’m female.
    , self taught barber opened a shop and blagged it. age then 42 now 45. if you met me you would think there’s a person full of confidance. how wrong you would be. i want/need your hones opinion/advice on… the best i can buy from you (dvd) clipper/fade cuts etc. i’m in leicesterhire england, my clientle mainly white europieon hasir. thank’s alex hope your well


  34. kanala says:

    Hi alex I’m consider in buying the “wahl magic”.coz I recently bougth me the “wahl balder”nd I’m realy impressed coz my has improved in no time…bt cn u plz give some tips “baldfade like a proa”.tx

  35. kanala says:

    Sir Alex!believe me ur website is realy helpfull…regards

  36. joshua brown says:

    Hi Alex, I was wondering where you still selling the clipper sharperner from your website?

  37. Elitecutzz says:

    I have purchased about 5 Super Sharp Gold Trimmer blades in the past , and wanted to purchase 5 more possibly 10. Are you restocked? And if so, when can I make a purchase? Im ready to order right now…asap.

  38. twyn says:

    i would like to sharpen my barber skills but before i buy these dvd’s i would like to talk with someone personally regarding them. is there a number that i can call? please reply to the email that ive listed above,if so. thanx in advance

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