The grant writing company would like to take this time to thank you for visiting our web site. We hope this step by step guide will enlighten you to the many opportunities that exist. We bring a wealth of knowledge and experience to grant writing.

What we offer is an insight into how grant writing is done successfully. Our grant writing manual is a guide on how to apply for a grant.

Where to search for grants that are tailored to your business needs. You have the chance to take advantage of these opportunities.

So apply for the millions of dollars provided by the federal Government.

In these challenging economic times, these younger grant writers with there fresh innovative ideas may very well be the thing that saves small business, medium and even big business.

We are hoping that not only the business world will benefit from these tools but also the single parent entreprenuers and anyone else that could use funding to make life more meaningful in these times.

Perhaps, the grants that are written by following these simple instructions will be a part of the glue that holds business together until the present times become the past. Once again, opportunity opens its doors to all that are in this country.


  1. Kent says:

    Hey wassup man, Kent here from Compton,CA your site and youtube page have helped me out alot much love and respect my brother keep doing what you doing helping our brothers out. I’m really trying to open my on buisness at this time and the grant writing has pionted me in the write direction

    To Alex Cambell,Thanks a grip its ot a hustle its a buisness more of use have to understand this…

  2. Larry says:

    Hey Alex

    Nice page and very informative ideas you have I must say, but I have one question I have my apprenticeship papers such as certificate from the state of virginia. Where do I go from there? Because I’m currently in the military and would like to have just for something to fall back on during spare times when I’m not working.

  3. JOE GOSS says:

    Hello ALEX, I have been cutting on and off since 94′-01′.Finally I went to Moler Barber College in California graduated licensed Barber been cutting in shop.I just ready to move on my Own shop I need to know how to Apply 4 a Grant any suggestion?

  4. Jacob Stone says:

    So I need a grant a d I have learned all off of your videos your great forums for passing down info
    But however my parents do not want me to become something I wish to become so financially I have no assistance to become a barber however I have many tools and a decent clientele
    Therefore I was wondering if you have some type of scholarship because I’m soon to graduate out of high school but I want to do something with my life I will enjoy and this is it
    So please let me know if there is any thing I could use

  5. Marlon Dugar says:

    Hey whats going on Alex, Im in my beginners stage of cutting. I been cutting out of my house and car for a while now and looking to go to school to get my license. But my God I didnt know it was so expensive!!! Can you inform me of any grants that can help a brother out down here in Louisiana?? I’m a pretty good barber too!! Starting cutting for free and they been coming ever since tipping me $10 extra from the $10 I charge them now. But your help would be very appreciated Alex. Email me please(…Im following you man..God Bless

  6. ebonie vann says:

    How can i apply for a grant to get to start my small business off the ground?

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