Learn how to find the best hair brushes for your 360 waves.

Hair brushes are stick brushes that feature soft or even rigid bristles that are utilized for styling, smoothing and detangling hair. Hair brushes are usually used on longer hair, but there can be exceptions to this rule. Hair is normally detangled through the use of a flat brush, while a round brush is usually relied on for curling and styling hair. A paddle brush may be utilized to flatten down longer hair or straighten out hair.


Hair brushes can be used to help with putting in 360 waves in one’s hair. This is a look that is popular among African-Americans, and it was popularized by the rapper Nelly. If a man’s hair is already naturally prone to curling, then it will be easier to put in 360 waves.

Men who want this look have to be prepared to spend a lot of time in getting it right. Every day, you will have to take some time out to attend to your hair. To establish the basis of 360 waves, make sure you get the right hair cut at your barber’s or at your hair stylist’s. Two suggestions for the right cut are either a Caesar’s cut or razor-style cut.

After getting the right hair cut to start off this style, you have to then purchase the correct hair supplies, which involves buying the right hair brushes, too. You should get the type of brush that is intended to brush through long hair; this kind of brush will afford a man the control he needs to get the waves into his hair.

Other hair care products that are required are a wave shampoo, a wave conditioner and either a nylon or a Spandex stocking cap or du-rag, which will be utilized to protect the hairstyle during sleep. The use of pomade may even be a necessity to help with the hair style. Men will use their hair brushes when they have to regularly (daily) brush their hair in order to maintain their 360 waves style.

This includes brushing said hair a minimum of 40 times per side; this practice should be repeated three times each day! Finally, men who are committed to maintaining this hairstyle have to make certain that they get a haircut once every two to four weeks. Following these directions will ensure that men are happy and satisfied with their 360 wave hairstyle.


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