Hi.  I am currently working on a program that will help you increase your clientele 10 fold.  I am going to put together a video series of proven techniques that will increase you clientele in less than 10 days.  Please check back periodically or leave your contact info at

20 Responses to “GET MORE SALON CLIENTS”

  1. Natural the Qlipper Queen says:

    I’m still waiting on info to build clientele.

  2. barry taylor says:

    i have been a barber for 10 years but just within the past year have i started to take it seriously. i want to know if you can share some tips with me on how to attract and build my clientele

  3. iokepa ornellas says:

    Wassup alex campbell im a barber in hawaii nd recently started working in brand new barbeshop in wahiawa, hawaii is pretty small and so is each town in wahiawa alone theres at least 5 barbershops within a 1 mile radius, how shud i build my clientel up?

  4. Charlene says:

    Hi my name is Charlene I live here in Houston I been having my license since 2009 and will be soon graduating with a Bachelors in Business in September I keep running into shops that seems to not be really organize & I have to keep moving from shop to shops that is not fully organized so I have to keep starting over I haven’t worked in a shop since last December because of taking on a full time job & I miss being my own boss. I am planning to find a new shop to start back working in January what should I do” So Lost”

  5. Roger T. says:

    Hey I remember seeing you advertise a book that you are righting or have wrote on how to open a shop in 90 days were do I find it at.

  6. Denzel says:

    What’s up Alex. I’m 16 And when I go to college I want to do barber school And be a barber on the side. … can you tell me potential benefits of being a barber after college. I love being around people… I mean money wise, the hustle, clients, all that . Can I have some pointers ?

  7. Reese says:

    I wanted to know when will the build your clientele DVD be available?

  8. Rackell godfrey says:

    What up Alex…big concern I have I work for a shop that does 60/40. The owner responsibility is to promote for the shop we have slow days when it shouldn’t be slow!I got that dawg in me but nobody at the shop wants to step up and help promote nothing,so my question is….is it time for me to move on and find another shop? How do I lock in/build clientele?

  9. wiz says:

    hey ron holmes im in ohio now can you reach out to me so we can share some info , my email is thanks fam !

  10. JOSE says:

    I just recently graduated and obtained my barber license, I am about to start part time at a barbershop and really need new ideas on how to build up a lot of clientele I made business cards but I want to be more creative and take it to another level with my advertising, any ideas??

  11. Ron Holmes says:

    Mr Campbell been following you for awhile now and I gotta say I want to be like you when I grow up. I finished my 300 hours got my lisence in the state of Ohio My skills are up and I’m hungry but I’m still new and it is frustrating and i dont have the support from my wife trying to do my thing I need your help any advise for me?????? HELLLPPPP

  12. Nikki says:

    Hello I am a license female barber I am planning on relocating soon. How can I build a new clientele and choose the right shop to work in?

  13. Tanya Golder says:

    Hey Carlos,
    Go to school! Go get your barber license in your state. Once you earn your barber license no one can take that from you! A very important step in yor cutting career. Now you can work in a shop, meet more new clients and make more$. In a shop you’ll learn a lot just by watching other barbers. In the first year of cutting be humble and patient. Learn all you can, cut as many heads as you can ,for free even, to get practicing! The$ will come as your skill grows. The more you earn, the more you earn. Be patient and you will do great!

  14. Ron Holmes says:

    Hello, I went to school and worked in a shop in macon ga. and a few in Decatur. When I moved to Ohio I had to do 300hrs. reciprocity and am schedueled to go to state board. I have learned alot in ga. and here I want to be a upscale barber how do you accumulate upscale clients how do you even get into an upscale shop so new in the game on paper in new place?

  15. Carlos says:

    I just moved from CT to SC and i started cutting hair the start of this year. To be honest i learned through youtube, I have become decent, not good, but decent. I have acumalaited 5 client since moving and they all like my work. I went to a interview at a shop and they likedmy work and offered me a job until they found out i had no licence. She directed me to a shop with an aprentise, he told me to bring the proper paperwork to get started. So what i would like to know is how can i make my clientel grow in a new shop being the new guy?. I want to succed and do what it takes to get my name out and make money, i want to be a great barber one day. I need your advise, I’M HUNGRY!!!

    • ALEX CAMPBELL says:

      Pass out business cards and get contact info from potential clients so that you can follow up with them for haircut appointments.

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