Do you want to know how to cut hair with clippers?

HOW TO CUT HAIR WITH CLIPPERSIt is really easier than one might expect. This is, of course, only provided that you do know what you are doing in the first place. Read on to discover just how to cut hair with clippers.

First of all, you want to decide on the desired length of the actual haircut. For example, a half- or a three quarter-inch attachment would be appropriate for a shorter cut of hair. The chosen attachment ought to be fixed to the clipper while a towel is placed around the shoulders of the person getting a haircut.

This is a good place at which to start the process of how to cut hair with clippers.

Your best bet for getting the best results involves Andis clippers. When the clippers are activated, the haircut must start at the base of the neck. The head should be tilted to the front and down while the clippers’ attachment ought to rest on the neck’s back, right by the hairline. The clippers should be moved through the hair with firm pressure, and they should continue to be moved through one’s hair by working the bottom of the head, the sides and then, lastly, the top of the head.

It is imperative to keep in mind that said clippers have to be moved in the direction opposite of the way that the hair grows. The loose hair should be cleared away by a simple running through of the hair with your fingers; such a motion also gives you the chance to locate any areas that you might have missed. You are done with the clippers when all the hair is evenly trimmed. Now, the hardest part of how to cut hair with clippers is over.

Then, move on to utilizing sharp scissors in order to trim around one’s ears. Any so-called stray hairs must be trimmed away so that the ears receive a neat outline. Of course, the trim between both ears has to be even so that everything looks presentable. Finally, it is imperative that you trim around the neck’s back with scissors that are sharp.

Going from the back of each ear, you really must trim down the back hairline’s side edge with the scissors that are sharp. You must also trim across the neckline with the scissors, making sure that this cut will be both straight and even.


At last, the process of how to cut hair with clippers is almost over. Now, all you must do is clean up any stray hairs on one’s neck beyond the hairline by utilizing the clippers without the attachment. The bare edge is going to be quite sharp, which means great care must be reserved for this step.


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