Sally Beauty Supply or Sally Beauty Holdings is a worldwide specialty seller of professional beauty supplies.

The company also distributes its professional beauty supplies to the tune of greater than $2.6 billion worth of annual revenues, according to the Wikipedia website.


Thanks to the Sally Beauty Supply and Beauty Systems Group businesses, Sally Beauty Supply, which can also include barber supply, actually sells as well as distributes via greater than 4000 retail outlets, which includes some 200 units that are franchised.

These franchised units include locations throughout the United States, the United Kingdom, Mexico, Puerto Rico, Chile, Germany, Spain, Ireland, France, Belgium and even Canada.

The strength of Sally Beauty Supply is the sheer diversity with which it outfits it entire range of beauty supplies. To wit, the company provides its customer base with upward of 6000 different products for the hair, nails and skin by way of various professional lines. These professional lines are well-known brands such as L’Oreal, Conair, Well and Clairol, just to name a few lines.BEAUTY SUPPLY

In addition to these various products from these well-known, professional lines, Sally Beauty Supply also has a great reputation for offering its customer base a great choice of various, proprietary merchandise. Sally Beauty Supply’s Beauty Systems Groups locations and also its outside sales consultants retail almost 10,000 different products that have professional branding.

Sally Beauty Supply’s Beauty Systems Groups are actually branded as either Armstrong McCall stores or CosmoProf.

Some of the professionally branded products that the Beauty Systems Groups locations sell include TIGI, Goldwell, Sebastian, Wella and even Paul Mitchell, just to name a few.

These professionally branded products are targeted specifically for both salon use and professional use, not to mention resale to various customers. The history of Sally Beauty Supply is something that one has to read about in order to really appreciate. The history of Sally Beauty Supply goes back nearly 50 years to 1964, when Sally Beauty Supply opened up its very first location in the city of New Orleans.

However, by 1969, just five years in the future, Sally Beauty Supply was bought out by none other than Alberto Culver, the giant American skin care, hair care and food seasonings company. That prompted a relocation by Sally Beauty Supply all the way to Denton in Texas from New Orleans. Its headquarters to this day actually remains in the aforementioned Denton, Texas, area. 2006 saw another milestone occur for this beauty supply company.

That year, Sally Beauty Supply was spun off from its parent company, the abovementioned Alberto Culver. The spin off from Alberto Culver saw Sally become its own company because it became a distinct company that was publicly traded through its own ticker symbol.


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