Haircut clippers and trimmers are the lifeline of a barber. So choosing the best haircut clipper is very very important.  There are several brand names like Andis, Oster, Wahl and Braun to name a few.  There are millions of barbers all over the world and they all want the best haircut clippers and trimmers available so that they can give a client the ultimate haircut.THE BEST HAIRCUT CLIPPERS

Once you decide to become a barber or even start to cut your own hair, the types of tools that you use will play a big part in how well your haircut turns out.  A dull pair of trimmers are a nightmare!!!!!!!!

You will end up pushing your hairline back too far because you are trying to get a sharp line or you can end up cutting yourself because you keep going over the line over and over again hoping to get a sharper line.  Your clippers may not be adjusted right so you just keep cutting and hoping that things will get better and they usually don’t.

Until you learn how to properly adjust your tools and more important find out what are the best tools to buy, you will feel like you are in a losing battle with your haircut!!

That’s why it is super important to get the proper training and know where to buy the best haircut clippers and trimmers so that you can get the best result possible.

When i started cutting hair about umpteen years ago, i had no clue how to pick the right haircut clippers let alone the best haircut clippers.  My trimmers were dull and i thought they were sharp. Just because the trimmers are cutting you doesn’t always mean they are sharp.  Sometimes that means that they are not adjusted properly.

So please share with us your opinion on what brands you use and who do you think has the best haircut clippers and trimmers!!

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  1. Tyreek Finney says:

    is is the best because there quality power. Also
    The andis master has no competition as far as adjustable clipped.
    The bgr series is great

  2. Tyreek Finney says:

    Andis is great o chose them

  3. Tyreek Finney says:

    To me Alex andis is the best because they give more options and come with good quality best adjusts clipper is the andis master best detachable clipped is andis by serious doesn’t matter witch one. Even tho I love the five speed bgrv clipper plus u can go cord less and back to cord Oster ans Wahl are Good but andis at the top.
    Andis just does for me. I never have had oster trimmer because for a long time I didn’t knew oster had trimmers but oster and Wahl come right after andis and neither of the can compare there adjustable to the andis master

  4. Robert Bluck says:

    WAHL…it’s Wahl who made electric trimmers available to the masses at the best prices. Without that being so there would be long hair and no styling at all.

  5. hello barbers. everyone has their own preference and every barbers tools differ to their personal preference, what types of hair their cutting, and whats comfortble to them. Also some people are brand loyal like i am to wahl. I have used every type of clipper and trimmer out there and after 10 years of experiementing and cutting hair i have finally made a decision to stick with the wahl 5 star series clipperrs and trimmers. I use the wahl 5 star seniors with the v9000 motor for tappers and fades. I use the wahl 5 star series rapid fire for quick hair take down and ceasers. I use the wahl 5 star series blading for bald fades and bald tappers. Also i use the wahl 5 star series foil shaver for making bald fades even fresher and quick clean ups on the neck and face. I use the wahl 5 star series detailers for my trimmers. They are in my opinion the best trimmers on the market. They are easy to adjust to zero gap and they dont get hot at all. ALso they give great edge ups and are very sharp when making lines. Also i use the cordless wahl 5 star series G-whizz for kids or for quick touch ups on the neck and eyebrows and ears. In my opinion these are the best clippers and trimmers on the market and they do not get hot throughout the day like my experience with the andis t outliners and the masters did. ALso when your cutting 20+ haircuts a day i think the wahl 5 star series are very reliable and they do not get hot even after 20+ haircuts a day everyday and i am truley happy with how all of my wahl 5 star series tools preform. Like i said its all personal preference but i beleive you cannot go wrong with the wahl 5 star series tools. Good luck barbers. Alex campbells dvds are great for begningers and learning how to cut hair i recommend watching them if your just getting started or wanna step your game up a bit. If you have any questions barbers you can reach me at or visit my website

    • AC says:

      I am currently cutting in Tigard, Oregon. Been cutting hair for about 7 years (18 months with a license) *** Big thanks to Alex for the pep talk about getting licensed ***

      Before I say what I feel are the best, (for me and my style of cutting) I first needed to define what traits/ attributes I wanted in the clippers/ trimmers.

      #1 – Has to feel good in the hand #2 – Lightweight/ Maneuverability #3 – Powerful
      #4 – Versatile #5 – Stays cool/ Can handle the workload #6 – Cost effective
      #7 – Blade choices/ maintenance

      My next task was to define my “uses”

      Primary Adjustable
      Fading Clipper
      Back up Adjustable
      Sculpting Trimmer
      Clean up/ finish Trimmer

      After I figured this entire “framework” out the choices became simple, so here is the roll

      Primary- Andis improved master (#28 blade) w/ magnetic guards (000-1)
      Why- Powerful, workhorse, solid, notches, magnetic guards stay put, quiet running

      Fading Clipper- Wahl 5-Star Senior (Zero gap)
      Why- Lightweight, solid, cuts clean, stays cool (*doubles as a back up)

      Back up Adjustable- Wahl Designer w/ Wahl guards
      Why- feels good in the hand, clean cutting, and great backup

      Sculpting Trimmer- Andis SuperLiner (Black Flame) with T-Blade
      Why- awesome control, clean cutting, stays cool, powerful, great for designs,

      Finish Trimmer- Andis Styliner 2 (with modified Square blade)
      Why- was my #1 trimmer but has gone backseat to Superliner, great shaver, better than outliners because stays cooler

      *Also considering a cordless/chargeable trimmer for working from the front of the face because I always have to hold the cord out of the clients face (some care/ others don’t)

      All in all – the tool only “helps” the one using it and what I have listed “helps me” do my thing and makes it easier to get them in, get em clean and crispy and free up the space for the next one.

      Peace and blessings to all!!!

  6. El truco barber says:

    I am from the bronx Ny (dominican)andi being cutting for 15 years! i have try a lot of clippers and my number one is the new walh icon…must try this boy dont play. better then the 5* and andi masters . fades i used the walh refrections with right technics you will have perfect fades. use this two and you will be unstoppable. as for shape ups / trimmers andis are the best if you know how to adjust the blades the T outliners are the best specially when you have a lot of traffic. the walh definitions and details are great but they are hard to adjust iand dont last long as the t liners. for perfect lines remember that your blade technics have to be on point! Good luck remember that apart from skills is to have a great relationships with your clients!!!! good luck

  7. kevin says:

    i have been a licensed barber since 2007 and have cut hair all my lfe i have tried just about every clipper there is and i keep it at this oster classic 76’s 3 1/2 thru 1a andis master or fade masters with the black clips (metal tang) and andis t outliners….. my back up set is a pair of whal seniors and whal detailers but not a big fan of whal they are problematic for me and break easily and often

  8. Bryan lee says:

    As a beginning barber my set up is Fast Feeds and Styliner and my 2nd setup is whals senior and the t outliner I goes with these clipper and trimmer bcuz the fast feed is light n feel nice in my hands and it quit the Styliner there a good trimmer only they don’t hit like I want to and my second set my senior I use them to on my ball fade n taper n my outliner I have to use them quit bcuz they will burn yur hands and they hit like I want n they don’t hurts the lil kids either Alex you the best I learn a lot from your videos

  9. Bryan lee says:

    As a beginning barber my set up is Fast Feeds and Styliner and my 2nd setup is whals senior and the t outliner I goes with these clipper and trimmer bcuz the fast feed is light n feel nice in my hands and it quit the Styliner there a good trimmer only they don’t hit like I want to and my second set my senior I use them to on my ball fade n taper n my outliner I have to use them quit bcuz they will burn yur hands and they hit like I want n they don’t hurts the lil kids either Alex you the best I learn a lot from you and the videos

  10. alex l says:

    styliner 2/ improved masters. can’t go wrong.

  11. Roxanne says:

    Question? I wanted to purchase Andis Pink BCA clippers and trimmers, What model clippers are those and are they a good investment? And is the brand and maintenance equally important or is one more important over the other?

  12. john searles says:


  13. Barbero-PuertoRico says:

    For comfort Styliner For precission the Outliner. For convinience, the t- outliner. I love both of the outliners but when they get hot is no joke, plus after a while of using them my hand starts hurting. I dont really like how the styliner looks but is more convinient cause the shell is not as close to the motor so it doesn’t
    burn you and it is big enough so your hand doesn’t
    get as tired.

  14. Kieron Price says:

    i have been doing this ten years now still young and still learning. but my set up consists of wahl super taper clippers customized blade to do the best fades.
    The best trimmers by far are the wahl detailers with the wahl 5* head on them they are simply the best tool for a shape up gets close with no rash or irritation to the client.

  15. Natural says:


    • Les says:

      I have a pair of heros and they are a matter of preference! Nothing to this day in my opinion will outlast the sty liner 2’s durable powerful and get the job done! Wahl makes a good clipper but andis has the trimmer game on LOCK! You must be a wahl salesman! Nice try!

  16. cassandra says:

    thanks alex campbell for answering me about the clippers, next time i’m in atlanta, i’m gonna make plans to tour your shop.

    • Antony says:

      I agree,i just got a pair of those Wahl Heros 2 weeks ago along with the Rapid Fire and i can truly say,those Heros are a beast.
      Ive been cutting hair for over long period of time and my favorite clippers until today are Andis Masters n Wahl Seniors.
      I still have both my original clippers i got over 15 years ago and they’re both still beasting with the fades.
      I always had Andis T-outliner,Outliner 2,and styliner for years,those clippers were my favorite,until i came across those Wahl 5 star detailer with the T-wide Blade 4 months ago.My Andis trimmers really don’t get any play right now lol. Ill recommend both Wahl Heros/Wahl 5 star detailers to anybody.

  17. cassandra says:

    I’m a new barber, someone please tell me if purchasing the Oster Fast Feed and the Andis Improved Master would be a good investment. Also whats a great trimmer that don’t get hot.

    • ALEX CAMPBELL says:

      Yes it would be a great investment. Andis T outliners stay pretty cool. But almost any trimmer or clipper will get hot if you are a slow haircutter.

  18. Mr. Wright says:

    Andis Masters have been a great clipper for me over the years. They have outlasted any other pair of clippers I’ve owned. Quiet motor, and it runs cool for a long time. A close 2nd are the Oster Fast Feed, they are not as strong as the Master (cutting power), but are very precise.

    As for liners, I go with the Andis Outliner T’s. I Like them with the promate blade but the new promate’s are not like the old, and I broke a pair (drop) and was not able to find a like pair, so they have apparently changed the design for the worse. the motor does run hot fairly quickly so it pays to have 2 sets, that way you can keep the party goin!


  19. Greg says:

    If I were to run a skeleton crew down to 3-4 clippers it would be Andis Masters – standard blade(quiet and good range or the fade), andis bgr+ (good power, good alt to large and loud 76er), and a tie between styliner II’s (good power when clearing hair off face) and wahl detailers (sharp, compact, powerful). Its a tie because I have used the styliners forever so I just am so familiar with them, but there is no denying the detailers. I think most barbers will make anything work you put in their hands to do the job. Many have opinions of what they think is the best, but maybe have never tried many clippers. Not talking to you OG’s. A better question is what clippers NOT to get. Which clippers have been tried out and what was wrong with them? A couple I dont like are t-outliner, get too hot. Oster star-tec or lite 76er, breakdown too easy.

  20. jorge vasquez says:

    my clippers i use everyday is the wahl reflections and andis fade masters . for outlining I use the andis styleliner 2 and the andis grey outliner. on little kids i use the wahl penut . those are the only company’s I use

  21. Tazthabarber says:

    I feel any professional grade too is great. It’s the barber who determine what quality he gets from it. Yes we know some trimmers blades work better of different hair. Which type of clippers is suitable with the hair and finished cut trying to be achieved. I believe a true master understand all clippers. It’s ok to prefer a certain brand but a master can work with any tool made for is trade. Of course that’s my opinion…. Barber Love my brother!

  22. Nicholas Guzman says:

    Also i personally use Oster 76ers with an andis 50 blade my lines- ups look like i used a razor blade.

  23. Nicholas Guzman says:

    First and foremost, i would like to thank Alex C campbell for his strong influence in the barbershop community. Alex alone has made a difference not only in my career, but in my life as a barber as well. i can’t begin to talk about have many barbers he has helped with their cuts, tips, and most importantly “making more money “.

  24. jovanny111 says:

    I honestly think the best or in my opinion the best is the andis t outliner with promate blade it makes clean edge ups with most of my clients and the andis masters they are great when it comes to fading.and tapering

  25. Tony Autobahn says:

    The best clippers in my humble opinion “Andis T Liners” good quality product in the following areas: ergonomics, durability, and crisp clean edge ups.

    I also LOVE the Andis Masters – Great product in the following areas: ergonomics, quality cuts period. The downside is that they due tend to run hot after a while but I am a brand new barber so my cuts take a little longer than most. Overall…this clipper rocks!

  26. Tim S. says:

    i just became a licensed barber and have used many tools out there. First of all my fav clippers to use is the Andis Bgrc, theyre light, power is comparable to the oster 76, and doesnt get hot. For tapers and fades i like using the andis masters, these are well known built to last my instructor had one for about 30+ years and theyre still working. for lineups i like using styliner 2s and m3s, theyre a little on the heavy side but once adjusted right you can get a sharp crisp clean cut and they dont get hot as fast as the t outliners. Again this is just my opinion, everyone has theyre own preferences when it comes to clippers and trimmers

  27. solo says:

    Andis master wahl detailers fast feed

  28. JaMar says:

    Best trimmer that I have used the Andis Styliner II powerful good size and weight and they stay cool once adjusted line is super crisp. Best clipper for a barber just starting is the Andis Master powerful strong and durable plus the notches on the side really can guide you thru a haircut (fades, and tapers). Once u gain more experience the Oster fast feeds and the Wahl Seniors are great. Detachables to me are personal preference, Andis or Oster take your pick just depends if u want to be able to go cordless

  29. Oldgoldboots8 says:

    Andis period!!!! Best products and quick to clean.

  30. Andre H. says:

    1. Trimmers-Wahl Detailers and T-Outliner w/ the pro-mate blade.( and back up andis t-outliner for face and skin fades)
    2.Feed Clippers- Andis Master and Wahl Seniors or wahl magic clippers, Oster Fast Feed for back up…( I only use these for fading)
    3. Rotary Clippers- Oster Pro-Line and Andis Ceramic BGRC for skin fades, Ceasers or bulky hair.

    Hope this help…
    Stay bless Alex…feom Baltimore, Maryland

  31. rodrigo cruz says:

    the best trimmers i have ever used in my opinion are the Wahl detailer’s with the t wide blade because you don’t have to go over your line up several times just one tap and you are good to go. and i have used every trimmer you can think of and im sticking with the wahl detailor’s. and the best clippers i have ever used are the andis masters because it fades perfectly because it has little notches on the side that you can follow and if you buy alexccampbell dvd he will show you how to fade with the andis masters i recommend the wahl detailor’s and the andis masters and i also recommend alexccampbell dvd’s. BARBER LOVE!!

  32. Marcus C. says:

    Man, it really depend on the texture of the person’s hair. I love turning to my Andis masters as many of you do but honestly I would have to say my favorite for fades is the oster fast feed. With trimmers I turn to the Andis superliners or the Wahl detailer, I like the way both fit in my hand and the power they have.

  33. Ray Ray says:

    My #er 1 trimmer is The wahl sterling definition they give supper crispy lines And chew threw any type of for a clean shape up. And my favorite clipper is The wahl 5 star senior but with The standard blade And v9000 motor u can perform any type of hair cut with those And my favorite detachable blade clipper my ANDIS bgrv great for buzz cuts fade ceasers And clipper over comb. I hope this helps this is just what works for me. Thanks.

  34. Isaac says:

    i really like the andis T outliners also really like the andis masters. Im from Wisconsin and that’s what you see here. I like how crisp you can get your line ups with the t outliner. great for detail work or designs.

  35. evanmccance says:

    and wahl seniors

  36. evanmccance says:

    the andis styliner 2 and m3.

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