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Alex Campbell is an licensed Master Barber and loves being a barber!! He started his barbering career just like most barbers in the industry and a passionate Barbering Tutor.

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    Taquanda linsey

    I am a Licensed Cosmetologist from Memphis, Tn. I love what I do , I started out in full service for women , when I finally had the opportunity to cut a guys hair , I fell in love with the complete art of it. What I think would help this industry is more teaching of cutting hair on all races, I attended barber school as well and what I experienced their is them just being hands on with black customers, so by me already being licensed I ended up doing the haircuts no one else could. I hated the fact the students were being put in a box and only experience one race. I work for Sportclips now and I get to spend six days out of a week doing what im so strongly passionate about, I just wish here in Tn. they would open up to dealing with different races, Cosmetology School you get to experience all races.

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    I just want to thank you for your videos, I really learned a lot from them. What I would like to change in the salon industry, which is a far fetch. Black women not spending so much money on straight hair. Simply I think God made them beautiful just the way they are.

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    Alex, this is Antjuan and I’ve been cutting hair professionally for 12 years in the state of Maryland. First off I want commend you on the fine good you’ve been doing as far as educating veteran barber and upcoming barbers. You cant be content, you must re-invent yourself and that goes for all barbers and stylist. One thing I’ll change in this industry is make it mandatory to attend classes on color, cutting, business and so on. Also start a real union for us, with union dues and all that comes with an actual union. I’m on barberlife.com check me out Antjuan Bunn.

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    Barber star

    Hey alex dis is a licensed barber out of dallas texas.nd I have learned alot from ur youtube tips.nd I would like for you to go check out my youtube channel. Search it under BSICLIK.but to answer ur question I would prolly change tha fact dat I think they shuld make barbers get a networking license so that they can learn to work together more.nd hey alex let me know where I can get ur dvds at 214.530.7801 nd thanks again for all ur tips nd knowledge.


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